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Work With Us

Work With Us

Welcome to Go English Live

Thank you for showing interest in joining the Go English Live team. We are always looking for great teachers to help us do what we do best: teach English in the most innovative way possible.
Our teachers are usually sporty, extroverted and tech-savvy.
We promise our students that our teachers know what they are doing so we offer proper training and when you finish you will be ready to give the best class possible.
Classes are made up of small groups of up to five students. The location varies from our offices to our students' place of work or homes which means you will have some commuting time. Students also have the option to see class online through Skype, Hangouts or Zoom and the education platform makes this incredibly easy to do. 

Application Process

1. Please email us your resume and any relevant attachments you might have, scanned copies of proficiency and teaching certificates.

Our HR contact is Johanna
Cel +57 319 483 8390
Email assistant@goenglishlive.com
2. If you meet the requirements and have the profile to be a member of the Go English Live team, you will be contacted for an initial interview. We want to know you better. 
3. If you definitely fit in the Go English Live culture, you will be enrolled in the teacher training program. This consists of two initial tests to assess language proficiency in general and business English. And five modules where we explain everything about the company both in the administrative part and in the use of the tools for teaching and our methodology.
4. The Final interview where we go through our blended learning platform and approve the application so you are ready to start teaching. 

Start with why 

We are interested in being an English school that facilitates all the tools and structures teachers will need to give a great class, to go beyond all expectations with hard work and really make them part of our team. We do this by accepting criticism and ideas to change our content that is always evolving to meet the needs of the students. Every teacher has the chance to suggest changes and put forward content. We are here to serve both, students and teachers, so our goal is to make your experience the best possible. 
Go English Live wants to add value to all our team, we are very selective when adding people to it so that we can ensure that our core values are present in every person working with us. We offer classes we know will make a difference in our student's lives and try to be flexible to meet their needs.  As many of our teachers are foreigners, without a support network in town, we want to support and guide them. It's our goal to be there and be helpful with any problem that might arise such as lending a phone after a pickpocket stole it or merely holding your hand at the hospital when you get sick and feel alone, we are here to prove ourselves with our dedication to what we do and how we do it.


Must have an excellent understanding of the language, administrative studies in English, basic teaching knowledge, driven to be a great teacher, pass our internal proficiency exam, teacher training, and interview.

Colombian teachers must have lived abroad in English-speaking countries.
Certifications and experience vary depending on the city where you are located,  usually TOEIC, CELTA, TOEFL, CAE (Certificate in Advanced English), the BEC (Business English Certificate) is being taken by our current Business English teachers to ensure dominance over the subject. 

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Looking for motivated English teachers that want to join are team.

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