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How one person learned English in a Day.

How one person learned English in a Day.

So the title might be difficult to believe but it's true.

When you start on the path to learn a second language, the beginning is full of excitement and then comes the prolonged period where the improvements become slower and slower. It is a fact that if someone asks you if you speak English , let's say 6 months into classes you would say no. Take into account that you probably have a good grasp of the language by this time. But I have a feeling that when you start agreeing with me that you do speak English it's because you got to the day that proved it to youself. 

Take a look at a couple of stories that outline my theory. 

  1. My student Claudia had been studying English for over a year and still didn't feel as if she was considered fluent in the language. I had mentioned this theory to her that her day would come and that on that day she would know it.. Well I was happy to receive the call. Her day came when she was watching Netflix with her husband that doesn't speak a word of English. The movie started and there were no subtitles and her husband didn't say anything. When the movie was over he asked her  opinion on the movie and proceeded to say that he hadn't understood anything and that he was waiting for her to say something. Well Claudia understood the whole movie, didn't even notice it was in English and called me up right after.
  2. My student Carlos had struggled all his life learning English and just couldn't get over the hump where he could say he now spoke English. Well,  I convinced him not to worry and just try his best and that his day would come eventually. Well his company sent him to the USA for a trade fair and he was quite nervous. When he arrived he told me that he had had his day. He killed it, he talked to everyone, had meetings with suppliers and felt that he was being understood and could understand everyone. So of course the next day he called me to tell me the good news. 

So the theory states that we do learn English in a day, the problem is getting to that day. It takes a lot of perseverance and time. So if you haven't gotten there yet, hang in there and I know you will get there. And of course , please email me and tell me about it, generaldirector@goenglishlive.com, You have to remember that teacher live off this kind of good news. 

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