learning and teaching cannot be done alone.



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Teamwork - The essence of the teacher student relationship

Teamwork - The essence of the teacher student relationship

Learning and teaching cannot be done alone.

You as a student needs to know that there are many things that have changed over time, especially about the role of the teacher.  What you will read today ara experiences of change in teamwork, since learning and teaching cannot be done alone. 
Education is an ongoing process where not only the student learns, but also the teacher. The teacher becomes more skilled as time goes by, and therefore feedback is so important. At the same time the student cannot rely on the teacher alone, today you have to take control of your learning process and prepare yourself for each class. There are many ways to study English, and even listening to podcasts can enhance your abilities. We call this activation, where you activate the language in your life and by doing so emerger yourself just like if you were living in a forign country.  
The more time you are willing to invest in practicing English with and without the teacher, the better you will become. When you take control, your teacher won't need to focus on trivial things (like a lot of vocabulary that can be learned with self-study). The focus will be on becoming more fluent and skilled in the language by having discussions and moving forward in every class. So teamwork consists of both the teacher and students learning from each other, and both preparing for the class.
P.S. My class with Yanet, the chapter about teamwork inspired this answer. 
Gabriel Van Woerkom